Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo is a hamlet of the municipality of Olbia, known as Poltu Ridundu in Sardinian land. Together with Porto Cervo it represents one of the most important tourist resorts of the island, chosen by Italian and international stars and celebrities.

Its territory covers 500 hectares, bordered by the Gulf of Cugnana and the Gulf of Marinella and includes a super-equipped port that provides over 800 berths. It is located a few kilometers from Olbia, Golfo Aranci, Palau and Arzachena, making it a strategic point to choose during a holiday.

Porto Rotondo, a village child of culture

Its origins date back to 1964, the year in which the Venetians Luigi and Nicolò Donà dalle Rose decided to found the village and the port which, despite the passing of decades, never stopped working. Their idea is to create a meeting place for artists and intellectuals who, once they arrive, succeed in making the village beautiful, cultured and flourishing. And so it was: to date, Porto Rotondo boasts a large number of works of art created by great artists, first and foremost sculptors Andrea Cascella and Giancarlo Sangregorio. The former is the father of Piazzetta San Marco, a meeting place for tourists, while the latter gave life to the Piazzetta della Vecchia Darsena, the fishermen’s square.

Over the years, a dense network of painters, sculptors and intellectuals has reigned in the small town of Porto Rotondo, which still today makes every effort to ensure that the artistic and cultural level maintains very high standards. It is no coincidence that in 2007 the mosaic of Via del Molo, known as the “food chain” of the Breton artist Emmanuel Chapalain, was created.

In order to attract the attention of tourists, beautiful timeshare properties have been created within the country, as well as comfortable residences and spectacular villas that, every year, accommodate over 32 thousand people in August alone. During the low season, on the other hand, the permanent residents are around one thousand and include, for the most part, elderly people born and raised in Porto Rotondo.

Beaches and places not to be missed

Once in the village, there are many places to visit: certainly the Church of San Lorenzo, located in the center of the Piazzetta San Marco and the port, highly suggestive and the arrival point of many famous people who, after docking the boat, start their dream holiday. Surely you cannot miss the nuraghi, which determine the history not only of Porto Rotondo but of the whole Sardinia and the numerous works of art scattered along the central streets.

But what makes Porto Rotondo a sought-after destination during the summer are its beaches: wonderful and crystal clear, they offer shallow waters and fine sand, creating the ideal place not only for young people and groups of friends, but also for families with children. In any case, it is possible to choose between sandy and rocky beaches, according to personal tastes and needs. Don’t miss Spiaggia Ira and Spiaggia Contra Ira: located opposite each other, they offer beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views and are absolutely worth a visit. Not to be missed is Punta Lepre Beach, connected to the Yacht Club of Porto Rotondo, one of the most luxurious and famous clubs in the whole Costa Smeralda and the ideal place to sip a drink, have fun and have the chance to meet an international star on holiday!
The beaches of Porto Rotondo are all wonderfully beautiful and have characteristics that make them so unique that they deserve to be immortalized among selfie and group shots!

Sleeping and eating: you’ll be spoilt for choice

After a day at sea, you know, tiredness is felt and hunger is no less. What better way, then, to end the day than to taste a typical dish in one of the many restaurants in the area?
Sardinian cuisine is varied, very rustic and with an authentic taste, which reminds us of the sea and the mountains, considering that the best dishes are both fish and meat. Il Bambusa, Lu Stazzu and Panamare are three very renowned restaurants: they welcome many customers throughout the summer season, who love to pamper themselves with tasty dishes, background music and a highly qualified staff.
Also La Tavernetta and L’Osteria are able to satisfy the palates of tourists from all over the world, as well as national and international celebrities who love to taste their favorite dishes with a sea view.

And to sleep? Porto Rotondo offers a very wide choice of hotels, b&b, residences and apartments. Everything depends on your personal needs, your holiday idea, your budget and your favourite area. The alternatives are numerous and some options are more famous than others; just think of Hotel Palumbaza or Hotel Sporting, which enjoy a certain fame throughout Sardinia not only for their historicity, but also for the luxury that has always distinguished them. Thanks to the new search sites, however, it is not difficult to find a cheaper solution that can withstand the quality/price balance, especially for groups of young people who prefer to invest in evenings, dinners and aperitifs on the beach. For families, on the other hand, a residence is always ideal: for this reason, Residence Portorotondo 3 is the ideal place to spend your holidays in complete relaxation, surrounded by all the comforts you would have in your own home and all the essential services, such as supermarkets, pharmacies and tobacconists. Moreover, the residence is perfectly connected both with the town centre and with the most beautiful beaches and the most renowned restaurants: in this way, it lends itself as a strategic accommodation to have everything at your fingertips with a minimum of effort!

A wonder to discover

Porto Rotondo is definitely a place to visit, at least once in a lifetime. Surely, it is preferable to do so in summer: its beaches and nightlife are more than fascinating and offer their best, despite the huge number of tourists that reaches its peak in August. But it turns out to be a very welcoming place even in the months of May and September, when the heat is not very strong and it is possible to make excursions and explore the still uncontaminated places that the country reserves to the most curious. Moreover, you don’t meet the typical summer crowd and it is easier to go for a quiet and relaxing stay, also from the point of view of movements: by ship, plane or car, Porto Rotondo is well connected all year round and easily reachable by the means of transport that best suits your needs.

Discover Porto Rotondo!