The Beaches

Porto Rotondo can be called a little corner of paradise: its beaches are simply fantastic, the sea is wonderfully blue and crystal clear and the atmosphere has nothing to envy to the Caribbean. The village, in fact, is chosen as a tourist destination almost exclusively during the summer season, when you want to spend your vacation days lying in the sun and lulled by the waves of the sea, enjoying a dream landscape.

The beaches of Porto Rotondo are numerous, each with its own characteristics and, once you get there, it is worth visiting them all and taking a swim in the waves.

Spiaggia Ira Porto Rotondo

Punta Lepre Beach

Located at the beginning of the port, Punta Lepre Beach is the main beach of Porto Rotondo and represents a real reference point for tourists and inhabitants. Its fame is given by its position: it is located, in fact, in the centre of the Marina of Porto Rotondo, the beating heart of all the services and restaurants of the place and very close to the mooring points for yachts and motorboats.

The fact that it is close to the port should not be misleading: the waters that bathe it, in fact, are perpetually transparent and characterized by those shades, ranging from light turquoise to deep blue, typical of the Costa Smeralda.

The beach has a medium size extension and is surrounded by fragrant junipers. The sand is light, tending to pearl grey and the seabed is not very deep. A sidewalk connects this wonderful place to the Yacht Club of Porto Rotondo, one of the most famous clubs not only in the country but also in the whole Costa Smeralda.

If you choose Porto Rotondo for your holidays, a visit to Spiaggia Punta Lepre is absolutely a must: it is unthinkable, in fact, not to discover the beauty of this little jewel of nature, easily reachable on foot from the centre or using the shuttle service provided by the village.

Marinella Beach

Another famous beach is Marinella Beach, one of the biggest and most suggestive of the whole resort. It is located between Porto Rotondo and Golfo Aranci and extends for about 800 meters. Although it is surrounded by hotels and apartments, Marinella has remained unspoilt and still boasts a typically Mediterranean vegetation and numerous paths leading to the beach. The latter, among other things, is very fine and has shallow and sandy seabed, ideal for families with children who love to play with the sand. Moreover, it is protected from the wind and lends itself very well to spend whole days, alone or in company, in complete relaxation.

Spiaggia Marinella Portorotondo

Punta degli Asfodeli

Punta degli Asfodeli is distinguished by its small rocky beaches, totally different from those commonly known and frequented, characterized by the presence of sand. Not for this reason, however, it is a solitary place: every year, the number of tourists is quite high and, despite the rocky presence, many visitors love to dive from the rocks and make small excursions. The solitude, in Porto Rotondo, is not at all contemplated!

Spiaggia dei Sassi Portorotondo

Sassi Beach

The Sassi beach is hosted by a strip of land that connects the promontory of Iscia Segada to the hamlet of Porto Rotondo. Opposite, you can admire the Spiaggia delle Alghe and, together, they overlook the sea of the Costa Smeralda.

Its name derives from the composition of the beach, composed of grey and pearly pebbles and very fine sand. The pebbles are the main characteristic of this very particular beach and made even more fascinating by a majestic cliff that extends behind it and shelters it from the winds, ensuring a sea that is not very rough. In addition, a thick and colourful Mediterranean maquis extends around it, which allows the creation of several shady areas, very useful to find shelter from the sun easily.

The beach is small and, precisely this, in high season it is always very crowded. It offers any kind of service, starting with bars and ending with the rental of sunbeds and/or small boats. It is the ideal solution both for families, who can let their children play quietly on a shallow and sandy seabed, and for groups of friends who love adventure and who absolutely cannot miss the tour of the most beautiful beaches of Porto Rotondo, including Hrusca Beach, Bassey Beach and Cala Punta Volpe.

Ira Beach

Located within the Gulf of Cugnana, Ira Beach is one of the few free beaches now generally left in Sardinia and which are limited to small spaces between one private beach and another.

Its name is inspired by that of Princess Ira von Fürstenberg, an actress and designer who loved to spend her holidays in Porto Rotondo and where she owned her own villa. It is one of the busiest beaches in Porto Rotondo thanks to its 25 meters wide and the impeccable services offered, which include the possibility to rent equipment for sailing, windsurfing and other water sports.

The sand is white and the water is crystal clear, and their contrast creates truly fascinating plays of colour. The seabed is so shallow that it can touch even tens of meters, and is ideal for parents who want their children to play freely.

The beach is surrounded by boundless rocks and thick Mediterranean maquis, which makes it really characteristic. For this reason, it is also suitable for tourists who want to devote a few hours of their holiday to excursions or snorkeling or who, more simply, are looking for a sheltered place to enjoy entire afternoons of pure relaxation.

Spiaggia Ira Portorotondo

Beach Against Ira

Its name indicates its location: it is located on the opposite side of Ira beach and is also known as Punta Nuraghe Beach. It extends for about 80 meters, overlooks the Gulf of Cugnana and is one of the most famous free beaches of Porto Rotondo. This is because, despite its small size, it is a well-stocked beach: it offers parking only a few meters away from the beach and the possibility to rent deckchairs and umbrellas, as well as canoes for a trip along the coast.

The sand is not very fine as that of the nearby beaches and is ochre grey, equally unusual. The shallow seabed also allows families to play on the beach, which can safely take the children to play on the beach.

Nearby you can find many hotels, restaurants and pizzerias that can cheer the holidays of couples, families and groups of friends.

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