Where to Eat

Porto Rotondo boasts a traditional gastronomic culture that has been handed down from generation to generation and has marked rural origins. Generally, it includes simple dishes with a typically Mediterranean taste, which emphasize the authentic flavours of the territory and the sea.

The proposals are varied and satisfy palates with different tastes, but there are some typical dishes that should not miss in the list of delicacies to enjoy on holiday:

    • Sardinian porceddu
    • fregola and bottarga;
    • gallurese soup;
    • indattari olbiesi;
    • stuffed squid and cuttlefish;
    • lobster from the Gulf of Aranci;
    • spaghetti with sea urchins or bottarga;
    • lamb in coat;
    • cold cuts and Sardinian cheese;
    • all fish and shellfish dishes;
    • seadas (typical dessert with honey and lemon).

In any restaurant in Porto Rotondo it is possible to ask for dishes based on fish from the Tyrrhenian Sea and meat from animals raised through the flourishing agro-pastoral activity of the island, all prepared with 0 km products and raw materials of the highest quality.

The Tavernetta Porto Rotondo

The restaurant La Tavernetta is located in the village of Porto Rotondo and offers its customers succulent fish specialties and delicious land dishes that respect the right quality/price balance.

The location is modern and welcoming and lends itself to romantic dinners for couples or sharing meals with friends looking for fun. The dishes are presented in a delicious way, to be envied by the gourmet proposals of top restaurants and absolutely attractive, thanks to their consistency and the quality of the products and raw materials used for their preparation. In addition, the service is excellent and manages to perfectly combine attention and availability; shows are often organized to accompany the dinners of customers, making the environment fun and comfortable.

Ristorante La Tavernetta Portorotondo
Paramare Portorotondo

Restaurant Paramare Porto Rotondo

The Paramare Restaurant offers a suggestive panorama, as it overlooks directly the pier of Porto Rotondo. As a business card, therefore, it immediately looks good and then offers a simple but elegant structure, welcoming and complete with all the necessary services to make customers feel at ease.

The kitchen offers a wide choice of fish specialities that fully reflect the Sardinian tradition and that, from an economic point of view, respect the local averages, offering fair and honest prices. Absolutely to try!

Restaurant – Enoteca da Giovannino

Known as one of the historical places of Porto Rotondo, the Restaurant – Enoteca da Giovannino has always offered high quality gastronomic dishes that delight the palates of guests and customers. The location is set up in the name of elegance, service and staff operate according to the most ancient tradition of the Costa Smeralda, with the aim of welcoming visitors in the best possible way and making them feel and comfortable.

The dishes offered are typical of Sardinian cuisine, based on categorically fresh and seasonal ingredients: shellfish, oysters, coquillage and fish soups are just some of the wonders that can be enjoyed by Giovannino. A stop not to be missed, where you can spend a couple of hours enjoying delicious food with a breathtaking view!

Da Giovannino Portorotondo Ristorante
Ristorante Lu Stazzu Portorotondo

Restaurant Lu Stazzu

The Lu Stazzu Restaurant bases its values on the tradition of the families of Gallura in 1800, dictated by hard work that has been handed down for generations and which is reflected in today’s activity. It is enough to observe the structure of the restaurant: a typical building of the nineteenth century Gallura that overlooks the bay of Porto Rotondo and the marina, able, from the beginning, to involve guests in an atmosphere of yesteryear and give them a breathtaking view.

In the name of consistency, even the dishes proposed by the kitchen refer to the Gallura tradition and are accompanied by Sardinian wines of high prestige. The mix allows guests to fully enjoy the flavors of the island, sitting inside the restaurant or in a cozy outdoor veranda.

The management of the activity, comparable to that of a farmhouse, has expanded to the organization of weddings and private parties, being able to boast premises capable of accommodating up to 350 people and a service of preparation declinable according to requests. A good reason to celebrate important events in Sardinia!

Restaurant La Pinta

Located in the centre of Porto Rotondo, La Pinta is one of the most renowned restaurants in the area. With its proposals that guarantee a perfect balance between quality and price, customers come back willingly to taste typical dishes of both land and sea.

The characteristic of the restaurant is the large wooden outdoor terrace, which allows you to eat your meals outside to enjoy the surrounding landscape. The owners, in possession of a personal boat, put on the table the fish caught the night before, offering their guests raw materials of excellent quality, fresh and super genuine!

The staff is young, kind and very attentive to the needs of visitors. La Pinta, in fact, aims not only to propose delicious dishes, but also to welcome its guests with the utmost courtesy, making them feel at home. In addition, the wines available are highly appreciated and requested and accompany a meal in company, immersed in a truly magical place.

La Pinta Portorotondo Ristorante
Il Tartarughino Portorotondo Ristorante

Restaurant Il Tartarughino

Any search for places to eat before leaving for Sardinia will give among its results Il Tartarughino, one of the best restaurants on the Costa Smeralda. Known for its typical dishes with a gourmet touch, Il Tartarughino offers an elegant, professional and attentive service, which leaves a memorable memory. The staff, in fact, is composed of no less than 50 people who work every day to provide visitors with efficiency and courtesy and to create a welcoming and enveloping atmosphere.

Its cuisine is esteemed and appreciated and is the best place to choose if, as a post dinner, you love to dance or listen to good music! The structure, in fact, contains an area reserved for dances and DJ sets, where often and willingly play internationally renowned DJs. Absolutely normal, in fact, to meet world stars or Italian celebrities, who choose Il Tartarughino to spend an evening of good food and pure fun!

Restaurant Pizzeria La Rosa Dei Venti

To enjoy a perfect lunch or dinner in the company of friends and family, the Restaurant Pizzeria La Rosa Dei Venti is a must try. Located inside Porto Rotondo, it is the ideal place to enjoy an excellent dish of fresh fish accompanied by a good house wine. But that’s not all: the menu is full of typical Sardinian first and second courses, served in an elegant and original way, to attract the attention of customers and pamper them to the end!

The staff is friendly, professional and employs body and soul to meet the needs of guests who, every year, come to the Sardinian resort in great numbers and expect to find not only good food, but also friendly, welcoming and warm people! The location meets all expectations and also allows families with children to enjoy a warm and sunny summer day in complete relaxation.

La Rosa Dei Venti Ristorante Portorotondo
Ristorante Anfiteatro Portorotondo

Restaurant Bar Pizzeria Anfiteatro

If you have decided that your holiday will be dedicated to good food and you have no intention of using the hotel restaurant where you are staying, then you definitely need a restaurant service that allows you to eat well without spending a fortune: this is the case of Anfiteatro, a bar – pizzeria – restaurant right next to the amphitheatre (hence the name) of Porto Rotondo.

Its strategic position allows you to be easily reachable on foot, even on the way back from the beach, to enjoy a good typical Sardinian dish in a cool and relaxing atmosphere. The cuisine offers a wide range of proposals, many based on fish to respect the island’s tradition. But even the first and second courses of meat are no less: accompanied by tasty wines, they are a real panacea to recover from the summer heat or to prepare for an evening of pure fun.

The service is excellent, with a staff of professionals who put the customer and his satisfaction at the centre of their work. This, among other things, reaches its peak with the arrival of the receipt: a perfect balance between quality and price, which allows you to taste more delicacies without worrying too much about the final bill. To try!

Bar Madrugada

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and even Porto Rotondo knows it. If you are staying at Residence Porto Rotondo 3, then the advice is to start off on the right foot by eating your breakfast at the Madrugada bar. Located in Piazza Rudargia, it is just 100 meters from the Residence and is the ideal place to enjoy coffee and croissants with your friends or family.

Before heading to the beach, then, look around: the Madrugada bar is just passing by! It is practically one of the basic services available in the area around the Residence, together with the post office, the bank, the fishmonger’s shop and the tobacconist’s shop. It is a small but cozy bar, which prepares excellent croissants, a delight for adults and children. You can stop before starting an excursion, or if you need to withdraw some money from the bank: the staff is waiting for you to start your day in the best possible way!

Madrugada Bar Portorotondo

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