Porto Rotondo is also known for the lively nightlife it offers its visitors. The choice is very wide: you can choose elegant and refined places to spend a quiet evening, or discos and lounge bars where you can have fun in company.

The services offered are able to satisfy different needs and varied tastes, so that no one will be disappointed.

Most of Porto Rotondo’s night clubs are situated near the harbour and on the beaches, where tourists can find beach bars, cocktail bars and beach clubs which organize happy hours, evenings and music events which are able to suit even their most demanding requirements.

Blue Beach Club Porto Rotondo

The Blue Beach Club is one of the most famous and exclusive clubs in Porto Rotondo, as well as in all of northern Sardinia. Its fame comes from the relaxation and fun that it is able to guarantee its visitors throughout the day: any time of the day is a good time to drop in at the Blue Beach!

The location is beautiful, with an elegant, modern and refined design. During the day it is possible to attend the Blu Beach Aperitif, considered one of the most famous beach parties in Italy and, in the evening, musical events are organized that turn the place into a real disco and that host DJs of the caliber of Cristian Marchi and Eiffel 65.

Blue Beach is ideal for groups of friends who choose Porto Rotondo not only for the sea, but also to have fun and take part in social events of a certain level. The right occasion to take a series of selfie to send to those who stayed at home!

Blu Beach Club Portorotondo
Paguro PortoRotondo

Paguro Porto Rotondo

The Paguro Bar Lunch & Drink is located in one of the most characteristic areas of Porto Rotondo, offering one of the most beautiful views of the island.

The structure is beautiful and elegant and offers a restaurant of the highest level. Precisely for this reason, the target audience is carefully selected at the entrance and it is not difficult to find yourself sitting next to international celebrities intent on eating a meal or sipping a drink.

Very famous is the aperitif organized directly on the sea, a source of attraction for many tourists. In the evening, live music and DJ sets are organised to satisfy even the youngest or simply the most festive.

Tartarughino Porto Rotondo

The Tartarughino is the most loved club by celebrities and show business people, which makes it the coolest and trendiest in the whole area.

The location also lends itself as a restaurant-pizzeria of the highest level, which offers its customers a selection of bubbles and fine wines, carefully chosen from the finest variants. For the evening, there are evenings and events with live music and DJ sets that transform the structure into a disco, as well as a VIP lounge bar.

Surely, the Tartarughino is the place to spend one of the holiday evenings available, to have the chance to meet a famous person and to be able to say that you have been in one of the most famous clubs ever.

If these are the most famous and well-known clubs listed so far, there are others in Porto Rotondo suitable to spend an evening with friends or to have an aperitif:

  • Ira Beach Club: by day bathing establishment, at sunset happy hour and in the evening DJ set;
  • Atrium Cocktail Bar: ideal for aperitifs, theme nights, live music and DJ sets;
  • MeGusta Gourmet & Drink: excellent choice for aperitifs, theme evenings, live music and DJ sets;
  • Taste Wine and Regional Delights: a good option for lunch/dinners, aperitifs, cocktails and musical and dancing evenings.

If the Blu Beach, previously mentioned, is also known as a disco, there are other similar locations that can be a destination for wild dances and late nights.

Tartarughino Portorotondo
Country Club Portorotondo

Porto Rotondo Country Club

As well as being a historic club in Porto Rotondo, the Country Club is also one of the trendiest and most famous clubs on the Costa Smeralda. The location, in fact, is known to be highly chic and refined and the catering is excellent. In addition, there are lounge and relaxation areas suitable for different needs and different personal tastes.

During the day, the structure offers the possibility to access the Tennis Club, where you can spend pleasant hours practicing a relaxing and energizing sport at the same time. In the evening, the location turns into a wonderful disco that, over the years, has hosted world famous DJs and still continues to offer stars of a certain caliber.

The Country Club is one of the places to visit during your stay in Porto Rotondo: the style, refinement and elegance of the place are simply involving and not to be missed.

Sottovento Club

For over thirty years, the Sottovento Club has been the main meeting place for VIPs in Porto Rotondo, as well as a favourite location for organising their favourite evenings. These, generally, host live music and world-famous DJs, which allow tourists to spend their summer evenings in the best possible way.

The structure also includes a very refined restaurant, the Show Restaurant, which offers customers delicacies that combine the Mediterranean tradition with typical oriental variations. Meals, moreover, are accompanied by a very pleasant background music.

The after dinner takes place inside the main room, where it is possible to dance until the following morning and, if you are lucky, meet artists such as Bono, Shaggy, Craig David, many actors of the international cinema and several Italian television personalities.

Sottovento Club Portorotondo
Ritual Club Portorotondo

Ritual Club

Those who know the Costa Smeralda cannot have never heard of the Ritual Club. The beauty of its architecture precedes it: it stands among the granite rocks, stands like an old castle and the cracks in the walls give life to strange figures and surreal sculptures. The entrance is even more particular and consists of a beam with horoscope symbols inlaid on it. The interior, then, really leaves you breathless: it is a sort of amphitheater, carved into the rock and characterized by several niches on the sides.

To date, there is no disco more evocative than the Ritual, recognized not only as the undisputed ruler of nightlife on the Costa Smeralda but also as one of the most fascinating and unmissable clubs in the world.

Sopravento Club

As the name already anticipates, the Sopravento Club is located right next to the Sottovento Club and inside the Gulf of Pevero. The structure, modern and refined, has established itself over the years as a meeting point for young people who decide to spend their holidays on the Costa Smeralda.

The structure includes two dance floors, a restaurant and a large garden. The general extension is very large and offers areas set up to satisfy different tastes and preferences. The location offers live music, commercial dance typical of the nightlife and international DJs who, often and willingly, play surrounded by celebrities and entertainment stars.

The peculiarity of the Sopravento Club is that, unlike other nearby discos, offers its evenings also in winter. A good excuse to go to Costa Smeralda even during the less hot months!

Sopravento Porto Cervo
Billionaire PortoCervo

Billionaire Porto Cervo

In 1998 Flavio Briatore, a well-known Italian character, decided to start a nightclub in Costa Smeralda with the aim of attracting the attention of VIPs, international stars and giving a touch of glamour to the Porto Cervo area. Here, then, is the birth of Billionaire: a club now known throughout the world and favorite destination of world-famous DJs.

If you are on holiday in Sardinia, a stop at Billionaire is practically a must: the probability of meeting stars from the world of entertainment, fashion and sport is really high and you will have the chance to spend a red carpet evening! But it’s not just about music: Billionaire also allows you to enjoy a delicious dinner, according to your taste! Inside, in fact, there is a restaurant and a pizzeria not to be missed:

Crazy Fish
From the refined cuisine, Crazy Fish offers its customers tasty fish dishes. It is located on the second floor of Billionaire Porto Cervo, on a terrace overlooking the Pevero Gulf, offering guests a breathtaking view.

Crazy Pizza
Located on the ground floor of the Billionaire, the Crazy Pizza pizzeria allows you to enjoy super tasty pizzas, baked in a wood-fired oven and with a secret recipe that appeals to the palate! And for those with special needs, no problem: you can order gourmet salads and Mediterranean hors d’oeuvres, to enjoy your meal sitting comfortably on the terrace that houses the Shisha Lounge.

JustCavalli Porto Cervo

Initially born in Milan, the club/restaurant JustCavalli also arrives in Porto Cervo to bring the fame and class of the brand to the beautiful Sardinia! His spirit is simple and clear: dinner, show and then go to the dances inside the club used for this purpose.

JustCavalli is the ideal solution to spend a full and interesting evening in Porto Cervo listening to good music, eating good food and having the opportunity to meet internationally renowned stars. In addition, it is a well-kept club, which implements a careful selection at the entrance so as to ensure tranquility, harmony and lots of fun!

The restaurant offers its guests a very refined and high quality Mediterranean cuisine, in full Cavalli style: it is Roberto himself, in fact, who suggests to the chef the ingredients to choose according to the season, so as to offer guests only excellent raw materials, which can enhance the typical Italian flavors with a touch of gourmet.

2JustCavalli Porto Cervo
Phi Beach Club

Phi Beach Baja Sardinia

Walking along the road to Baja Sardinia, here is a location more unique than rare: Phi Beach, an open air club located near the military fortress Forte Cappellini, surrounded by giant rocks shaped by the wind over the centuries. Its natural location gives its guests unforgettable sunsets, as well as days on the beach and evenings with DJ sets not to be missed.

The beach surrounding Phi Beach is golden, uncontaminated and bathed by a perfectly crystal clear sea. Having an aperitif in this context is one of the experiences you must absolutely have during a holiday in Costa Smeralda! The cuisine, then, is super refined: to direct the work we find Giancarlo Morelli, eclectic and visionary personality, so much so as to lead him to be a star chef of Pomiroeu. The dishes served have as protagonists summer ingredients, which are exalted and enhanced to leave an indelible memory in visitors. In addition, the welcome and hospitality are truly excellent and customers will feel at home, pampered and courted in a warm and exciting environment.

This little corner of paradise has become, over the years, one of the most popular destinations of the entire Costa Smeralda. The room can accommodate up to 40 people, has a covered and versatile space, surrounded by large windows that show a breathtaking view of the sea and furnished by the best names in luxury living, as well as important designers and contemporary artists.

It is ideal for a romantic dinner, an aperitif with friends or a quiet evening with the family, perhaps enjoying a glass of Ferrari.

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