What to do

Once you arrive in Porto Rotondo, the activities you can do are different and suitable for everyone, young and old, whether couples, groups of friends or families. The village is not known for its territorial extension but, you know, good wine is in the small barrel!

There is no lack, in fact, of places to visit and interesting proposals to deeply know the territory, useful to be able to appreciate it not only for its marine wonders but also for its history and culture.

Moreover, the proposed activities are an excellent ploy to take a break from sunbathing or sleeping under the umbrella. A good reason to get active and make your holiday useful, as well as enjoyable!

Boat trip to La Maddalena Archipelago

The Archipelago de La Maddalena is a small corner of paradise which, in 1994, was transformed into a maritime park. Inside it there are dozens of small oases characterized by chromatic nuances unique in the world. The itineraries proposed to visitors involve different scenarios: natural pools, cliffs, small coves and intact natural places, where the hand of man has never arrived.

Finally, it is possible to visit the two main localities, the sea village of La Maddalena and Caprera, known as Giuseppe Garibaldi’s last residence.


Water sports, diving and snorkeling

Those who choose Porto Rotondo as their holiday destination do so mainly for the sea, this is certain. Consequently, it is impossible not to get involved in all those activities that allow you to plough clear and beautifully blue waters, with the wind in your hair and the sun warming your skin.

The beaches offer the right alternative for different needs: while the tireless can dedicate themselves to surfing or kitesurfing, satisfying their passion for the waves, the lazy ones can enjoy long hours of relaxation in quiet and even deserted places on board a canoe, going totally unnoticed and avoiding to be disturbed.

Finally, for the more daring there are snorkeling activities, to dive in total freedom to discover a seabed that really leaves you breathless.


Although Porto Rotondo is mainly chosen for its sea, it is absolutely not true that only the latter offers relaxation and fun. On the contrary, healthy trekking in the hinterland is the best way to fully appreciate all the natural beauties of the town, including the typical vegetation composed of oleanders, myrtles, mimosas, junipers and many other distinctly Mediterranean plants that can also grow next to villas and resorts.

If the aim is to enjoy nature, to walk and make landscape excursions, the advice is to go to Porto Rotondo in May or September, during which generally reigns the good weather without being too hot.

Nuraghe La Prisgiona

Archaeological tour

A respectable holiday always includes some time dedicated to the discovery of the works of art and culture typical of the area. Porto Rotondo is no less: about thirty kilometres away you can admire the millenary evidence of the Nuragic civilization, still shrouded in mystery. Imposing traces can be found near Arzachena, inside the archaeological park: the Nuraghe La Prisgiona and the Tombs of the Giants Coddu Vecchju are definitely not to be missed and definitely breathtaking.

Eno-cultural routes

Porto Rotondo also thinks about the lovers of bubbles who, as true connoisseurs, will surely know that Gallura is the home of Vermentino COCG, one of the most famous wines in the world. This gave rise to the idea of creating an itinerary to discover this precious and fruity white wine, as well as the territory itself, steeped in culture, history and values linked to tradition, on the one hand, and innovation, on the other.

Vermentino has conquered the tastes, trends and preferences of amateurs around the world, thanks to the perfect combination of land, sea, sun and wind. A splash of Sardinia to be savoured also on the other side of the planet.

For the little ones

In order to be the perfect tourist destination from all points of view, Porto Rotondo is fully equipped to welcome the youngest and most demanding visitors in the best possible way. Certainly, the geographical conformation of the beaches makes it easier for families: the soft, fine sand and shallow waters are ideal for children’s games, as well as for safer bathing. In addition to this, local associations strive to offer, every year, an engaging and entertaining activity plan, which includes excursions, recreational games and shows. In this way, the holiday proves to be fun for everyone and parents can spend their days peacefully, without worrying too much about how to occupy their children’s time or let them go in total safety.

Discover Porto Rotondo!