Where to sleep

Organizing a holiday is an arduous task, which involves evaluating many aspects that will affect the days of stay. One of these is certainly the place to stay, which tends to be chosen according to the area, the services offered, the type of holiday desired and, of course, the cost.

The proposals on where to sleep on holiday in Porto Rotondo and in general in the area of the Gallura coastal stretch are increasingly numerous and competitive. The accommodation facilities of reference improve their offers year after year to become more attractive and there are now many websites that allow you to compare prices and services to choose the best solution to your needs.

Generally, the choice can be between:

  • hotels: the best option when you do not want to give up comfort even if you are far from home. It is known that hotels are the most expensive but often also the leaders in the services offered: including meals included, accessories in the room and quality of staff, involve an investment able to offer a relaxing and comfortable stay at your fingertips;
  • bed & breakfast: they have spread widely in recent years thanks to the balance between quality/price very much appreciated especially by young people. Of course, in terms of services, they will never be at the same level of a 5-star hotel, but they are the right compromise to spend little and find a more than decent accommodation. Excellent choice especially if the goal of the holiday is to have fun around the chosen location and not to lie in bed all day;
  • residence and apartments: the solution designed specifically for families, couples or groups of friends who, faced with the reservation of separate rooms, prefer to share spaces and live together for the duration of the stay. A valid option to save money and have, at the same time, all the comforts of home, from the kitchenette to a spacious wardrobe.

Choosing the ideal place to sleep in Porto Rotondo is simple: you have to start, first of all, from your favourite area and continue with the activities you will want to do during your stay. Here are some ideas:

Sunbathing holiday on the beach…

If you choose a Sardinian resort as your holiday destination, it is generally because of the sea and the beaches it can offer. What better solution, then, than accommodation right nearby? Not by chance, many structures have been built directly on the sand to make it easier especially for families who, in the presence of children, umbrellas, bags and various accessories, want to save the effort of having to walk for a long time to be able to dive. An example is the Hotel Palumbaza Porto Rotondo, which stands directly on the beach of the Gulf of Marinella and can be a valid option for those who, not yet parents, want to experience the thrill of waking up in the morning, take just a few steps and swim in the waves of a wonderful sea. Alternatively, you can always choose low cost solutions, perhaps giving up breakfast included and preferring a coffee at the first bar you meet on the beach.

Sandy beaches…

Lovers of sunbathing do not always prefer the same type of beach. If you prefer the sandy one, then you must absolutely spend a few hours on Spiaggia Ira and the ideal is to sleep at the Residence Porto Rotondo Tre. If, in fact, leaving from the centre you head towards the residence, getting to the beach is practically a moment, considering that it is just over 1 kilometre away and, therefore, easily reachable not only by car, but also on foot.
In this way it will be possible to have everything at hand: the historical centre, the souvenir shops, the services to make your stay comfortable and one of the most beautiful beaches for diving and breathtaking sunny days!

…and rocky beaches!

If, on the other hand, preferences tend towards mostly rocky beaches, then Capriccioli is definitely not to be missed. It is a cove characterized both by rocks and fine sand, as well as a wonderfully magical coastline that hides beautiful corners to explore.
Also in this case, it is a beach easily reachable from the Residence Porto Rotondo Tre: starting from the village, it takes about 25 minutes to get there, being about 800 meters away, to spend unforgettable hours.
Capriccioli is the right place for those who love to climb and dive from a height of a few meters, to experience the thrill of the greatest Olympic champions! But that’s not all: the area made up of sand is also suitable for those who prefer to lie down and sunbathe or for those who want to take animals and children with them.

Holiday as a tourist between relaxation and excursions

The false myth that labels sea towns suitable only for swimming and sunbathing must be debunked. The seaside resorts hide culture, history and traditions that are the envy of any inland town and can offer much more than just a perfect, golden tan. Simply wander around the local streets or move a few kilometers to cross museums, cinemas, theaters and nature reserves that leave you breathless to admire the real beauty of the area in all its facets. In this case, it is preferable to sleep in facilities near bus stops or with parking where you can leave a rental car, so you can move around with ease. An example is the very luxurious Hotel Sporting, which enjoys a certain fame and historicity not only in Porto Rotondo but throughout Sardinia: located near the port, it is 10 minutes from both the center and the beach, offering itself as a valid option to vary daily activities.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to stay in the centre so as to have all the services at your fingertips, it is useful to opt for central accommodation, such as the Hotel Colonna San Marco, which overlooks the small square (precisely) of San Marco. A few steps away on foot and supermarkets, pharmacies, tobacconists and various services can be easily reached without the forced use of cars or public transport. To save money and invest, perhaps, on souvenirs to bring to friends and relatives, you can opt for a B&B that is always in central areas, such as the Geco di Giada, located exactly in the heart of Porto Rotondo. In this way, you will find a compromise that facilitates your holiday without having to spend a fortune!

Holiday fun and nightlife

Young people love to have fun, and the area from Arzachena to Gallura has so many proposals in store among discos, clubs and lounge bars that they are spoiled for choice. Nightlife takes place mainly in the centre and on the beaches, so the choice of a hotel, residence or B&B should fall on a structure in the area. Choosing a structure easily accessible on foot is convenient for those who, after an evening of pure fun, consciously avoid driving or are simply too tired to call a taxi. For large groups, however, you could think of choosing a residence just outside Porto Rotondo but located in a strategic position to reach the most famous discos, just like S’Alzola: a room rental that, every year, hosts all those tourists attracted by the fine sandy beaches and crystal clear water of the emerald-colored coastline. The alternative of a residence or, precisely, of a room rental also goes to the youngest who, economically, prefer to save on overnight stays and spend more money on entertainment, shopping and aperitifs.

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